Popular Attractions in Houston

There are so many incredible unique attractions to see in Houston, Texas. So it’s no wonder that it attracts over 22.4 million tourists every year! Take a look at our list of must-sees…

1. Houstons Space Center

Houston, we have a problem! This educational space centre is an absolute must-see. Especially for space, science and maths lovers. There are hundreds of space exhibitions (with information points), including an incredible command centre. You can experience what it feels like to be in space in a zero-gravity room too. There is something for everyone here, which makes it the perfect outing for family and friends. You can also opt for a guided tour so you don’t miss anything.

2. Houston’s Museum District

This is absolutely one of Houstons best cultural attractions. The museum district is located in downtown Houston and features a total of 19 museums to explore. Each one is unique and has something different to offer visitors. You will find artwork from local talents and international. The most popular museums include Children’s Museum, Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts and Contemporary Arts.

3. Buffalo Bayou Park

This is of Houstons best and biggest parks, covering 160 acres of land! It has much to offer and is abundant in natural beauty. You can walk, run or bike along the paths to explore. You can even hire a kayak/canoe upon entry. It has major attractions inside the park. Such as The Water Works, Park Cistern, Lee & Joe Jamil Skatepark, Barbara Fish Daniel Nature Play Area and Picnic Pavilion and so much more!

4. Houston Zoo

Houston zoo is home to over 6,000+ animals from over 900 species. Including sloths, gorillas, alligators, sea lions, okapis, Galapagos tortoise, otters, cheetahs, elephants, goats and so many more! It gives the unforgettable ”Animal Encounter” experience and each purchase goes towards protecting the animals in the wild.

5. Houston Street Art

This street is famous worldwide for being showcasing some of the United States best artistic talents. It features a series of bright and colourful walls with artwork from many of Houston’s local talents. Each wall has its own story to tell and beauty to give. Oh, and it’s aesthetically pleasing and Instagram-worthy too.

6. Downtown Aquarium

This aquarium is guaranteed to be like none you’ve ever been to before. It’s the best spot in Houston to see sea life and features incredible displays of aquatic ecosystems. It’s home to many animals from the marsh, such as turtles, catfish, bullfrogs, tarpon and more. You can even become a zoologist for a day and learn how to train and handle some of the other animals here (outside of the ocean).

7. Kemah Boardwalk

This boardwalk is Texas best theme park, covering 60 acres of land just 30 miles from Houston. The fun really never stops here! There are so many rides and amusements to enjoy that will keep you entertained all day. As well as many dining and shopping options too. Also, keep your eye out on the website for upcoming events.

8. Discovery Green

You can find Discovery Green in downtown Houston. You can easily spend a whole day at this park with many activities and events to discover. Whether you want to hire a kayak and explore Kinder Lake, shop at the flea market, relax at the music lounge or participate in academy sports.

Popular Attractions in Houston

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